Saturday, February 9, 2019

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Ron Gilson
February 9, 2019

Ron at Adventure's wheel
Circa 2016

My Thought For You

"If you go aground, work yourself off.  Cast off all self-pity and beat to windward again and again and again, so that in the fullness of your years, you can come about and run downwind free and easy with the tide."

Capt. Frank Hynes, Sch. Marjorie Parker (1951)
"A Doryman's Day" b Capt. R Barry Fisher

Italian Blessing of the Fleet
Harbor Cove Circa 1945

Joseph & Lucia II

Joseph & Lucia II
Deck Load of Red Fish

Scenes of General Seafood's Wharf
Harbor Cove
Circa 1947

Essex Shipbuilding Museum
Adventure lecture and slide presentation
Circa 2010

Sch. Edith L. Boudreau
Capt. David Ribeiro
Circa 1945

Dragger Julie Ann
Capt. Leo Favaloro
Circa 1946

Gloucester's famous Greasy Pole

Ben Pine's Atlantic Supply Wharf
Wharf Street
Circa 1944

Richard, Tommy, and Tony
Rose's Boat Yard

 Ron Gilson

 United Fisheries background
Circa 1945
 Gorton's Machine Shop Wharf
Circa 1946
Dana Story Essex Shipyard
Circa 1946